All Good Things Come to An End

Every person, relationship and organization goes through different seasons. Seasons of life have a beginning and an end. Right now, MJST is experiencing some of the latter.

This will be the last episode of The Survivor's Guide to Thriving Podcast.

This show has been a wonderful experience and opportunity to share our perspective, learn about other people's stories and challenge our listeners to break out of survival in order to thrive – in big ways and small – each and every day. We've learned a ton over the last four years of this show, and we hope you have too!

In this final episode, Mark Jewell interviews MJST's Director of Client Experience (and the producer of the SG2T Podcast!), Amanda Sollman. Amanda is also bringing her season at MJST to a close, so she and Mark use this conversation to dive into Amanda's reflections and advice on:

  • What to focus on when you're early in your career
  • How to navigate through a seemingly endless about of change
  • How to best support young talent if you're in a management/leadership position

And more!

While it may be the end of The Survivor's Guide to Thriving Podcast, this isn't the end of the amazing and innovative coaching+training opportunities MJST will bring to people and organizations in the don't go away!

Show Notes


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