How to Make Video Meetings More Effective

Are you one of the tens of thousands of people who got to learn how to work at home in the last 6-8 weeks? Are you also one of the thousands of people who has gotten completely burnt out and overwhelmed on video meetings?

You’re not alone!

While video meetings – via platforms like Zoom, WebEx or Adobe Connect – are great tools for remote workers (and were helpful in creating face-to-face interaction during quarantine), too much of a good thing can be…well, too much. And while stay-at-home orders are starting to be lifted or phased out in many states, there are lots of organizations that are continuing to allow employees to work from home temporarily, as part of a flex schedule or even permanently in some cases.

With that in mind, it behooves us all to discover ways we can make video meetings more engaging and effective!

One resource you’re not going to want to miss out on is our new quick guide, Zoomitis: Diagnosis, Prognosis and Prescription! Now, we don’t have any problem with Zoom – it’s actually our preferred platform for video meetings – but when you’re on video calls from sun up to sun down…you might come down with Zoomitis! So we put together this guide to help you start implementing small habits throughout the day to recover from and prevent video conferencing overwhelm.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Episode 136 from last week, all about my favorite tools for running a remote team – make sure you jump back and listen to that too!

In addition to that quick guide – which, again, is all about small habits that make a big difference when it comes to working remotely – our team here at MJST wanted to give you some tips and advice for making your video calls more engaging and effective. So in this episode is a conversation I recently had with MarkSteven Reardon, our Chief Learning Officer here at MJST.

MarkSteven has decades of experience training teachers and facilitators how to create real transformation and impact for their students – regardless of whether they’re in person in an actual classroom or meeting room OR if they’re on video. In our conversation, we share the top MISTAKES we see happening on video meetings today PLUS the most important actions to take to ensure your meeting attendees see your time together as valuable, stay engaged and leave your meeting with the tools to create the amazing work you do.

For some of us, we don’t know how long we’ll be working from home and logging into video sessions on a daily basis. Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. Either way, it’s up to us to make the experience a good one.


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