Ep. 112: Making Nutrition Work for You with Alex Maclin

This week, MJST coach Christina Schroeder is talking with nutrition coach Alex Maclin about the role food plays in helping you meet your health goals and how your habits can be designed to fit your life.

Alex has been heavily involved in the fitness industry for more than eight years and, in that time, he’s coached hundreds of athletes through online training programs for weightlifting, strength and conditioning, been exposed to and learned directly from some of the smartest, most...

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Ep. 50: Setting & Managing Expectations with Amanda Sollman

This week, Amanda’s in the host chair talking about one of our most common coaching subjects: setting and managing expectations. If there’s one skill she hopes professionals of all experience levels could hone – this one’s it.

During this conversation, Amanda dives into:

  • Why many professionals – especially young professionals – struggle to set expectations
  • Why it’s not (only) your boss’s job to ensure you’re successful
  • Four questions to...
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Ep. 43: Leveling Up Your Sales Approach with Nathan Walker

We work with sales professionals from across the agribusiness space and their goal is often the same – how do I grow my business and build stronger relationships in this tough ag market? If that’s you, today’s episode will be right up your alley.

Mark talked with with Nathan Walker, a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur, direct sales expert and business owner, about his approach to sales – both philosophically and practically. They discuss:

  • What it means to create...
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